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Our Technical Engineering Office is born in 1998 for wish ofAngelo Teobaldelli, after the experience done in the years 1996 and 1997 to the department experiences of the FERRARI S.p.A. of Maranello (MO), where him same he has furnished a notable contributed (through sophisticate measures with sound meter with spectrum analysis of the signal and Laser scanning vibrometry) to the improvement of the quality sound of the intake system (Quality Sound) of automobiles of prestige like the FERRARI 550 MARANELLOs..(big cross to the worth for the engineering)
Initially the target of the Technical Engineering Office was that to decant toward sectors more carentis from the
application acoustic point of view (Industry and Housebuilding) the great Know-How foresees in the sector of the acoustics Applied to the Automotive where, her
necessity to plan functional acoustic systems but at the same time not intrusive with the fluid dynamic of systems as those of unloaded and/or of
intake, and besides few bulky in how much in an a car he is forced to work in very narrow spaces for obvious motives, he has brought this
sector to one of the tallest levels of research and development of the applied acoustics (you are enough to think that in the industrial field he still applies
to the use of bulky silent boxes to reduce the noise emissions of industrial compressor instead of inserting special silencers to tall
performances as for instance those in use on the terminals of unloading of the most common motorcars, directly on the sources of issue constituted from
valves of bypass etc.).
The first result achieved by our Technical Engineering Office has been in the industrial sector
of the Soundproofing and Noise reduction, where near the firm V.G.F. S.r.l. of Maltignano (AP), in December of 1998 it has been projected and realized the first one Silencer resonance reactive for axial fan (dimensions: diameter mm 2500 and depth mm 1200, photo above) that it has of done, to the epoch,
revolutionized the production of the industrial silencers decidedly having to parity of encumbrance superior performances in terms of demolition of the
produced sound waves
In the 2 following years the Technical Engineering Office, near the firm FERGALLO S.r.l. of Suzzara (MN) division industrial of the Group Marcegaglia, has planned and realized numerous interventions of industrial reclamation and around 200 silencers type reactive (the difference with the traditional silencers type dissipative is that in these last ones the demolition of the sound waves is primarily submitted to the presence of the acoustical lining, motive that makes them of fact unusable in presence of dusts and/or in presence of tall temperatures and/or of vapors of oil and besides in the fluid dynamics applications, sufficiently not introducing a section of passage free for the inevitable presence of the settis of acoustical lining, they asks for a sovra sizing of the compressor and/or fan because of the notable losses of load introduced in the system).
in 1999 the Technical Engineering Office begins to plan interventions of acoustics applied on all the
national territory also in the sector of the public and private housebuilding. Near the ISOPOL S.r.l of Besana Brianza (MI) and DEVI S.p.a. of Besana
Brianza, after the planning of hundreds of interventions of reclamation preventive acoustics in the civil buildings and industriali.The Angelo Teobaldelli is
inventor of the European Patent No:03075569.8 recorded by ISOPOL S.r.l. without the due authorization in 26 States European, and ever paid by the
title: "Coating element high with sound-absorbing properties". From the year 2000 our Technical Engineering Office it begins the acoustics-architectural planning,
after having been entrusted from the Commune of Allerona (TERNI) for the acoustic-architectural setup of the Polyvalent Room of Allerona Scalo where
an excessive time of reverberation had asked for the planning of an intervention that had to be to the functional meantime but not
excessively onerous  
(it was planned with success an acoustical lining to apply to wall (the structure of the Polyvalent Room was constituted by a prefabricated type concrete that it was particularly unsuitable from the acoustic point of view because of the geometric dimensions, of the form, and of the material of inside superficial covering) and n.9 sound traps for the control of the middle low frequencies of the spectrum. Subsequently the Technical Engineering Office has been also entrusted from various local corporate body of the acoustic setup of schools, cafeterias and always in the field of the architectural acoustics, also of the acoustic planning of various typologies of places as: rooms of recording, cinema, theaters, listening rooms of music, sporting circles (you see to the left Bocciofila of the Commune of Matelica where an intervention of reduction and optimization of the time of reverberation and a it has been operated' soundproofing of the thermal plant and conditioning).
The Angelo Teobaldelli, M.Sc. Mechanical Engineering graduate (Rate 102/110) with specialization in Thermal-Fluid Dynamics near Marche Polytechnic University with experimental Thesis in acoustic measurements and of vibrations; subsequently it has
achieved: the qualification for the exercise of the profession of engineer and the registration to the bulletin-board of the Engineers of the Province of Macerata,
the registration to the bulletin-board of the Competent Technicians in Environmental Acoustics to the senses of the art.2 of the Law n.447 of October 26 th 1995-DGR n.3978/1996, DGR n.2382/1998 (Deliberation of the G.R. 9/05/2001 n.947 OT/AMB) he has been enrolled to the bulletin-board of the Experts near the Penal Court of Macerata with the number personal 16 and to the bulletin-board of the Technical Advisors near the Civil Court of Macerata with the personal number 107 from 2000 to year 2009; and besides he has belonged to the Provincial Committee Acoustical of Vigilance Places Public Show near the Prefecture of Macerata, of the Town Committee Acoustical of Vigilance Places Public Show near the Commune of Macerata and of the Town Committee Acoustical of Vigilance
Places Public Show near the Commune of Montecassiano (MC). The Patent is visible in its details, also to the site web: .Angelo Teobaldelli has also planned with success the soundproofing of the last floor of the Building
Vecchiarelli in Rome to the Mr. Nicola Bulgari.
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