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Aircraft design begins with the conceptual phase, where possible designs are first
imagined and evaluated from initial design requirements. In this phase, the designer has
the greatest flexibility in determining the layout and configuration of the aircraft. After
the conceptual phase, however, only minor changes to the aircraft configuration may
occur. ANSYS Fluent, CFD and related software are Computational Fluid Dynamics software tools used by engineers for design and analysis.

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These tools can simulate fluid flows in a virtual environment — for example, the fluid dynamics of ship hulls; gas turbine engines 
(including the compressors, combustion chamber, turbines and afterburners); aircraft aerodynamics; pumps, fans, HVAC systems, 
mixing vessels, hydrocyclones, vacuum cleaners, etc.with these solutions we can simulate a wide range of phenomena: aerodynamics, combustion, hydrodynamics, mixtures of liquids/solids/gas, particle dispersions, 
reacting flows, heat transfer, and much more. Steady-state and transient flow phenomena are easily and quickly solved.The graphic results of an ANSYS FLUENT CFD software simulation show us how fluid flow, particle flow, heat transfer, chemical reactions, combustion, and other parameters evolve with time. Our Technical Engineering Office offers the service
to disposition for performing these simulations.

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