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"Quality Sound Aviation, Passive Noise Control inside the Cabin or Fuselage" We spend two words to explain better the meaning of the Quality Sound in the sector automotive but the same on the aircraft; who seeks in the acoustics the quality sound does not anything else other than to try to get the good one acoustic comfort; for example operating some changes inside the cabin (application of fit acoustical lining, etc. to reduce the present modal resonances to the inside and due exclusively to the dimensions and/or to the form of the same cabin, to reduce the transmission of aerial noises coming from the outside owed effects hips of turbulence and in this last case the improvement of the aerodynamics of the same vehicle has contributed a lot in the last years) and/or to improve the sonorous issues of the groups engine (operating a selection, 
through opportune changes, in the range of frequencies of the audible spectrum produced by the system of feeding and/or from the system of unloading of the exhausted gases), to reduce the vibrations transmitted etc by the same engine to the cabin. The quality Sound is able in this optics to be applied both to the normal cars (to the actual state unfortunately because of the costs it is relegated cars only of prestige) as also on the boats (naval applications) and finally also on the aeronautical vehicles (aeronautical applications). However, it is necessary to specify that it can be also for instance wide to the operative cars (tractors, bulldozers, etc.) and to the trucks used in the industrial field. To optimize the sound quality of a vehicle and therefore this last to make more comforting means to also improve the quality of the life of the individuals 
that use it. Then the Quality Sound represents to the actual state one of the sectors of the more advanced search of the applied acoustics. The difficulty consists however of finding functional solutions that are not too much intrusive (for instance intervening on the intake systems unloaded and/or of the engine is necessary not to alter the fluid dynamic of these last) and compatible obviously with the encumbrances to disposition (a lot of meeting places in the cars). The target can be gotten through a whole series of measures of laboratory (measures with sound meter with spectrum analysis for the aerial sonorous issues, Vibrations-Wave Acoustics spectrum analysis with techniques of Laser Scanning Vibrometer) directed to characterize the system acoustic complex represented by the systems above (an intake system of a combustion engine interns of 
12 cylinders it is not certain comparable, acoustically speaking, to a simple reed of organ) so that power then subsequently to plan all the necessary interventions (him it asks for a notable patience and long times). In other words for example, in a prestige car, it is possible to exalt the sporting frequencies (they are those around the 400Hz) of the sound waves produced by the intake or exhaust system of the combustion engine it interns and at the same time to try to reduce the more possible those annoying frequencies (for instance around the 250Hz). All this trying not to alter the fluid dynamics performances of the intake or exhaust system and so engine’s performances too and working with an encumbrance to disposition for the possible changes
 to rather be effected meeting place. Therefore it is also possible to operate a passive noise control inside the Aircraft’s cabin or fuselage with an accurate experimental Vibrations-Wave Acoustics Analysis, Spectrum Analysis etc. and therefore design the appropriate acoustical lining for to achieve the best acoustic comfort without increase the weight of the same Aircraft that is the main goal. Our Technical Engineering Office is to disposition for Technical Consulting about a method for improving the Quality Sound and Passive Noise Control inside the Aircraft Cabin of Commercial Airplane and General Aviation Airplane.
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