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"Aircraft and UAV MATLAB Simulation" The work of an engineer typically consists of finding
solutions for every day problems in all kinds of technical areas, using knowledge from different fi
elds of science such as mathematics, physics, chemistry and computer science.
Because of the ever increasing availability of computing power,solving these problems is done more 
and more using computer simulation.The combination of Matlab and Simulink 
a true engineering toolwhen investigating systems. One of the most effective 
ways to study a system is by simulating it. In Aerospace Engineering especially mechanical
systems play an important role. After all, the motion of an aircraft or a spacecraft must be regarded
as the motion of a (whether or not stiff) body in space under the influence of forces and moments acting on it.
Some of the advantages of performing simulati
ons are the low risk and low cost involved as
compared to performing physical experiments.  
 Another major advantage is the physical insight one
can gain in the behavior of the system under diffe
rent circumstances and different values of the
characteristic parameters of the system. This can already play 
a major role during the design phase of a system, as experiments 
are already possible using the simulation before the system has been
actually built. Our Technical Engineering Office offers the service
to disposition for performing these simulations.
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